Nestled in within the infinite dimensional layers of the multiverse, along one of the less probable parallel timelines to our own, lies the universe that this series takes place in.

In this universe, much of what UFO believers believe to be true, is actually real. Simultaneously, 80% of the rationale, the hypotheses, and the theories (conspiracy and otherwise) that UFO believers use to explain this phenomenon are completely false. There are UFOs, there are aliens (sort of), and the major and middle powers after WWII made treaties with the aliens. For some, these negotiated deals were beneficial; for others, they were not.

After WWII, the Soviet Union negotiated a good treaty with the aliens they had made previous agreements with; the USA negotiated poor treaties and they were completely ripped off by both of the alien species they bargained with.

In this 2023, it is the Soviet Union who is the global hyperpower. The USA -- now the United Christian States of America -- is a theocratic basket-case and rogue state. Alien technology received by the USSR has given them mastery over interplanetary space -- with many restrictions -- and is "sealed box" technology with very simple operating controls and no possibility of reverse engineering. Even so, the Soviet Union has a strong and dominant presence within the inner Solar System and out to the moons of Jupiter and Saturn.


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INFLIGHT Aeroflot Interplanetary

Annual Year-in-Review Magazine


ISBN-13: 978-1-894602-13-6

Neil Williams





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Teagan Kelly has a problem; she doesn't have any recollection as to what happened to her last night, only that she must escape from Occupied Canada and get to Mars. Stephanie Montour (RCMP, Epsilon Branch) and Ekaterina Tarelkina (KGB Directorate K) have two problems -- the same two problems. They have been ordered to locate a refugee woman from Occupied Canada and obtain the information she carries before she gets to Mars. And, they have been assigned to work together on this mission. And they do not like each other -- at all.


If you have to get to Mars, there is only one way to get there; on a cosmos-rated Tu-154MK-4 aircraft flown by Aeroflot Interplanetary.





Aeroflot Interplanetary      a novel

ISBN-13: 978-1-894602-08-2

Neil Williams






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Masha (KGB Directorate K) and Richard (RCMP, Epsilon Branch) have been assigned a strange mission that takes them across the Solar System, searching for pieces of information; from Lugansk, USSR to Ceres, and to Callisto, and Titan, to the cloud cities of Venus.



The Cake Caper: a Masha & Greyfox Adventure    an Aeroflot Interplanetary novella

ISBN-13: 978-1-894602-10-5

Neil Williams




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